DOvEEgene Fleur: New Uterine Sampling Tool

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DOvEEgene Fleur: New Uterine Sampling Tool


This study is related to a previous study from the same group which started in 2014 (NTC02288676, McGill REB A08-M79-13B, MUHC REB 2020-5945) to develop a clinically implementable screening test -DovEEgene: developing and validating a novel molecular test for the early diagnosis of cancer of the endometrium, tubes and ovaries. This study is designed to identify endometrial, tubal and ovarian cancer very early based on identifying cancer-specific mutations (cancer DNA) in a pap sample taken from inside the uterus. The results are particularly encouraging given that control group is challenging with high background mutational burden from benign tumours, endometriosis, germ-line mutations etc. To date, all the intrauterine samples were obtained using the commercially available TAO brush™ which is designed to take an endometrial sample. However, when patient tolerability was assessed using a numerical pain scale (NPS) ranging from 0 (no pain) to 10 (severe pain), patients rated the sampling using the TAO brush™ at 3.5 versus 0 for a cervical pap sample. These results were not surprising as the TAO brush™ was designed for dislodging strips of endometrial tissue to use for histopathologic examination. With respect to the investigators objective, which is to collect cancer cells that have exfoliated to the uterus, a sampler that collects these exfoliated cells with as little disturbance as possible to the underlying endometrium is preferred. In this sub-study, the investigators aim to evaluate a new endometrial sampling tool, the DOvEEgene Fleur, which is believe to be superior to the current TAO brush™ in terms of cancer detection, ease of use and patient tolerability. The sampler has been designed using materials/components found in the TAO brush™ and other approved medical devices.

Trial Description

Primary Outcome:

  • Patient related outcomes including pain and acceptability
Secondary Outcome:
  • Feasibility of performing sample collection by clinicians
  • Quality/quantity of sample collection

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