CBF and NCF Changes With Brain Radiation

Official Title

Use of Novel MRI Techniques Before and After Brain Radiation Therapy With Parallel Assessments of Neurocognitive Function


This study will be a dual-arm prospective longitudinal cohort study for patients with brain metastases, at least one of which is appropriate for radiation therapy, to explore brain and cognitive changes following SRS or WBRT and evaluate the feasibility of a novel MRI protocol to identify potential radiological biomarkers of NCF decline. Patients diagnosed with brain mets will be assigned to either Arm A or Arm B, depending on their treatment plan. Patients in Arm A will be treated with SRS. Patients in Arm B will be treated with WBRT. Patients' neurocognitive function will be assessed before their radiation treatment and followed up for 2 years post treatment.

Trial Description

Primary Outcome:

  • change in neurocognitive function (NCF)
Secondary Outcome:
  • Symptomatic Radiation Toxicity
  • Local Failure
  • Distant Failure
  • Survival

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