An Open-Label, Multi-Centre, Study to Assess the Safety of Fixed-Dose Durvalumab + Tremelimumab Combination Therapy or Durvalumab Monotherapy in Advanced Solid Malignancies.

Official Title

An Open-Label, Multi-Centre, Safety Study of Fixed-Dose Durvalumab + Tremelimumab Combination Therapy or Durvalumab Monotherapy in Advanced Solid Malignancies.


To evaluate the safety, tolerability, and anti-tumour activity of the combination of durvalumab + tremelimumab or durvalumab alone in different solid tumours.

Trial Description

Primary Outcome:

  • Safety: Number of patients with adverse events of special interest (AESIs).
Secondary Outcome:
  • Safety: Number of patients with treatment-emergent adverse events (TEAEs).
  • Safety: Number of patients who discontinued treatment due to TEAEs (including SAEs).
  • Safety: Number of patients who had treatment interrupted due to TEAEs (including SAEs).
  • Efficacy: Overall survival (OS) rate
This is an open-label, multi-centre, study to determine the short and long term safety of fixed doses of durvalumab 1500 mg + tremelimumab 75 mg combination therapy or durvalumab 1500 mg monotherapy in patients with advanced solid malignancies. This study is modular in design, one or more of the modules will be opened in a given country / region based on local patient population prevalence, and results of feasibility studies. The total number of patients to be enrolled overall and in each module will depend on the types and number of tumour modules added to the main study and country-specific ancillary studies. The number of patients and sites to be involved in individual countries will be dependent on each module or ancillary study. This study consisted of a screening period, a treatment period, a 90 day safety follow-up period and a survival follow-up period. Patients will receive the investigation product (IP) via intravenous (IV) infusion once every 4 weeks (Q4W) in combination therapy or monotherapy as mentioned below
  • Combination therapy: Durvalumab 1,500 mg + tremelimumab 75 mg on Week 0, for up to a maximum of 4 doses (or cycles) followed by durvalumab 1,500 mg starting 4 weeks after the last infusion of the combination or discontinuation of tremelimumab. Monotherapy: Durvalumab 1,500 mg on week 0. Patients will attend a safety follow-up visit 90 days after study treatment discontinuation. Thereafter, patients will be contacted by phone or electronic communication every 3 months for survival status up to 5 years following date of first patient treatment initiation. All patients will be followed for a minimum of 6 months following enrolment of last patient. It is anticipated that the total enrolment period for the overall study will be approximately 2 to 3 years, with an overall duration of approximately 5 years.

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