Prehabilitation in Elective Colorectal Resection: A Pilot Study (Prehab)

Official Title

Prehabilitation Interventions in Elective Colorectal Resections: A Randomized Pilot Study (Prehab)


This is a pilot study designed to evaluate a programme of rehabilitation for patients undergoing elective colorectal resection surgery.

Trial Description

Primary Outcome:

  • Number of participants recruiting
Secondary Outcome:
  • Post-op complications
  • Mortality
  • Length of Stay
  • Number of patients with readmissions
  • Physical Function Assessment (6 Minute Walk Test)
  • Symptom Assessment (Edmonton Symptom Assessment System)
  • Functional Independence Assessment (UK Functional Independence Measure and Functional Assessment Measure)
  • Quality of Life Survey (Short Form 36 Health Survey)
  • Pain Assessment (Visual Analog Scale)
  • Bowel Function Assessment
Operations on the colon and rectum are major abdominal operations and many individuals can become severely deconditioned or weakened afterwards. For some individuals this can even mean that they can no longer completely return to their usual way of life following one of these major operations. As part of this study the investigators are attempting to identify ways to maximize patients' recovery and to maximize their overall quality of life following these major operations. It is possible that preconditioning may make a difference to patient's overall quality of life, decreased or need for hospital length of stay and decreased postoperative medical complications occasionally seen during these operations, in essence provide an overall enhancement to their surgical recovery. Physiatrists are physicians who are medical experts in maximizing a patient's overall ability to function well and live independently. Investigators are proposing patient participation in an initial pilot study in order to test the question as to whether or not participation with a physiatrist and any interventions recommended by said physician would help improve a patient's postoperative recovery.

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