Use of Exome Sequence Analysis and Circulating Tumour in Assessing Tumour Heterogeneity in BRAF Mutant Melanoma

Official Title

The Utility and Relevance of Exome Sequence Analysis and Circulating Tumour DNA in Assessing Tumour Heterogeneity in BRAF Mutant Melanoma


Despite recent advances in cancer treatment, little impact has been made on curing as opposed to controlling cancers over the last several decades. Part of the problem is that investigators have an incomplete understanding of how tumours behave as they evolve and in response to treatment. In this trial, the investigators hope to better understand the evolution of BRAF melanoma in response to drugs a patient may have received such as vemurafenib or dabrafenib. Importantly, the investigators want to understand how the tumours evolve resistance to these drugs and whether this can be predicted through blood tests, in particular of the circulating tumour DNA.

Trial Description

Primary Outcome:

  • Percentage correlation between circulating tumour DNA and metastatic sites
Secondary Outcome:
  • Time to death
Study population: BRAF mutant melanoma patients Pre-mortem bloods will be taken from the patient on three occasions at one to thirty days apart from each other, with the first blood draw taking place on the patient's first clinic visit. Six 7 ml EDTA and one 6 ml SST vacutainers of blood (a total of approx. 50 ml of blood) will be taken from the patient. When death is expected within the next 48-72 hours, the Medical Oncologist/ Radiation Oncologist/ Hematologist OR delegate will revisit the RAP process with the patient and/or family/substitute decision maker to ensure that they are still in agreement. The patient and the families will also be provided with an additional consent form for participation including blood sampling.

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