Thermal Ablation in Larger Liver and Kidney Tumours

Official Title

Thermal Ablation With a Loosely Wound Helical Coil for Radiofrequency Treatment of Large Renal and Hepatic Tumours in Patients Undergoing Partial or Total Nephrectomy or Heptectomy


This is a clinical research study designed to determine the safety and efficacy of the application of a unique interstitial radio frequency thermal therapy for the treatment of large tumours in the kidney or liver. The novel device offers patients a more effective therapy than conventional RFA and for patients with large tumours fewer number of treatments and needle insertion sites. The clinical treatment volumes (or sites of focal tumours) will be determined by a combination of biopsy and contrast enhanced CT imaging. The study will assess if novel device can produce lesions in the liver or kidney in a controlled and predictable manner and with sufficient size to effectively manage disease progression in the organ. The extent of lesion size at a delivered power setting and treatment time will be measured with post-treatment CT or MRI and biopsy as measures of tissue response

Trial Description

Primary Outcome:

  • RF electrodes can be accurately and safely placed in the desired location
Secondary Outcome:
  • The safety of energy application with the RF coil device including assessing effect on surrounding liver tissue
  • Verifying that large (>2cm) liver tumours are effectively ablated with RF energy

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