A Study to Demonstrate the Safety and Preliminary Efficacy of 18F-FLT in Patients With Solid Tumours or Lymphoma

Official Title

A Contiguous, Sequential Phase I/II Imaging Study of 18F-fluoro-3'-L-fluorothymidine (18F-FLT) in Patients With Known or Suspected Carcinoma of the Lung, Breast, Renal Cell, Pancreas, or Brain, and With Gastrointestinal Malignancies, Neuroendocrine Tumours or Lymphoma


The Radiotracer 18F-FLT can non-invasively assess excessive cell growth in PET scan images. Tumour growth rate is a useful indicator of tumour aggression and response to treatment. Imaging and measuring the cell growth with 18F-FLT may be useful in monitoring response to anticancer treatment.

Trial Description

Primary Outcome:

  • Phase I: to determine the safety of 18 F-FLT.
  • Phase II: To determine general biodistribution of 18F-FLT and correlate 18F-FLT uptake with hENT1 expression and Ki-67 scores.
Secondary Outcome:
  • Phase I: To determine general biodistribution of 19F-FLT
  • Phase II: to confirm safety of 18F-FLT; to determine the relative uptake of 18F-FLT (SUV, RUS, T/N); and to correlate 18F-FLT uptake with patient outcomes.
  • Phase II: to correlate 18F-FLT uptake with patient outcomes (treatment response, progression-free survival, overall survival), over the first 12 months of follow-up after completion of tx, subsequently over the remainder of the disease course
Clinical trial is a combined Phase I/II imaging, open label, single site study in patients with known or suspected carcinoma of the lung, breast, renal cell, pancreas or brain, and with gastrointestinal malignancies, neuroendocrine tumours, or lymphoma. One 18F-FLT PET scan will be performed in 10 Phase I patients, and pre-injection and post-imaging blood work and vital signs will be collected. Up to 5 18F-FLT PET scans will be performed in 170 Phase II patients.

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